How to play: Move your ship using the mouse, click the left mouse to fire.

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About Galaxystrife


Do you think you will be able to fight off all enemy spaceships in space in Galaxystrife which is an epic 2D Shooter game free for all? Quickly partake in this ruthless space battle then see if you can come out as the final victor. The whole galaxy is in danger now. It has been torn apart by war, and you’re here with your giant spaceship trying to fight for your ultimate dominance. You have to navigate the ship through the huge cosmos, overcome all deadly debris with asteroids that can deal damage to you, and more importantly, kill all enemies standing in your way by using a wide range of strong weapons. At the same time, you’d better be careful with the environments around you if you don’t want to end up meeting your doom soon. In fact, keeping your spaceship alive for as long as possible is a very good thing because you will get closer to the top spot on the leaderboard easily. Are you ready? Join Galaxystrife now!

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