Game Of Bombs

How to play: Use arrow keys or WASD to move your character around the map, press spacebar to release your bombs and respawn.

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About Game Of Bombs

Game Of Bombs

Get ready to plant your bombs and destroy all tough opponent bombermen in Game of Bombs now! This is a unique Multiplayer game that is pretty much the same as classic Bomberman games. You will have to place your bombs to break several walls, then collect all power-ups to boost your strength. Make sure you create a vast pathway for yourself, get closer to the enemies, and quickly drop your bombs to trap them. The best tactic you should follow is to push an opponent into a corner and make him get surrounded by your bombs. He won’t be able to escape and will die in just a bit. Be sure that you dodge all other bombs dropped by your rivals, if you get hit, you will have to respawn the game again. Your main objective is to survive longer and become the best bomberman ever. Are you up for this? Enjoy the game!

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