How to play: Use keys WASD or arrow keys for moving around. Use the mouse for looking. Press keys 1-9 or interact with the icon to choose building. The left mouse button is used for assaulting or collecting stuff.

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Jump into the fierce arena of and start your adventure now! In this great Multiplayer Strategy game, you will have to create your base and make your own clan in order to battle against the enemies. Move around the playfield finding a lot of resources, and when you collect enough, you should begin to place walls, doors and other defensive items around your realm. Doing so will bring a better defense to the base. You can even generate foods by gathering eggs, destroying animals, and planting beds. Other opponents and wicked wolves won’t be hesitant to attack you! So, you need to make more assistants like peasants, mercenaries or guards. They will help you fight off all rivals. Never stop building your towers because this is the only way that takes you to the top spot on the leaderboard. Attempt to survive as long as possible then you can become the real ace of the arena. Good luck!

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