How to play: Use the mouse to navigate, Space or left click to slash, right click or W to dash.

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About is a cool free for all strategy game. Check out the new challenge with several exciting skins and a unique concept together with tons of players all over the world. Hold and use the given sword to slash every enemy in the path as fast as possible before they have the chance to do the same for you. Do not forget to collect colorful jelly blobs scattered across the floor because they will help you soon have the longest weapon in the arena! The main aim is to become the winner of the blade masters quickly. After you enter the playfield, control your character skillfully and choose the proper moment to slay the target. You can dash to get rid of the chase of the foe by using a simple action. It will allow you to run away from their trap effectively. Aside from that, gain much more score to rank up and take over the leaderboard. Good luck!


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