How to play: Use the mouse to steer, left click or Space to attack.

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About is a fun-addicting free online game where you will play against a huge number of enemies coming from many different regions. Join the battle and grab your sword, ax, or spear to embark on your job. Fight and destroy as many people as possible. Remember to earn experience to grow bigger and hit harder! You can find several amazing shields and horses randomly scattered on the playfield that you are allowed to use and gain the edge over the enemy. They are power-ups that you can walk over them to gather. The XP is also your health. If you die, you will lose it completely. You can reduce the opponent’s energy by attacking them. brings to you three basic characters including Viking, Knight, and Spartan. They have the own animal. Note that choosing the warrior will impact on the gameplay. Besides, you can unlock much more. Let’s enjoy now!

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