How to play: Move your character using WASD, click the left mouse to fire, the right mouse to aim, key F to open a door or collect items, key I for the inventory, key M for the map and key Enter to chat. 

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Gulch-io free online unblocked is a shooting game with Battle Royale style. Since this is another Battle Royale game, you probably have learned what to do and what goal you must achieve in it, right? You will step into the battle by parachuting down on an island where you encounter plenty of enemies. free online pits you against all of them and you must kill them for your survival. There are plenty of weapons and items scattered across the map. To collect them, you should wander around the map, gear them up then quickly use them to defeat anyone that gets in sight. In addition, you can easily power up yourself with stronger armor, shields, helmets as well as forcefields. They are all excellent elements that help you survive in this journey. Just never stop making yourself stronger, you will find it much easier to cope with all the dangers around you. Take advantage of the map to watch out for your surroundings, and remember, everything will be over if you die. Will you become the final winner of the match? Good luck!

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