How to play: Press WASD or Arrows to move, 1-4 to choose items, Enter to chat.

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About is an amusing Free For All game taking place in a dangerous world. In which, you need to kill as many rivals as possible to rank up. Furthermore, you are able to dominate the top spot and rule that map. Aside from other people, do not forget to eliminate monsters around you. Besides, you should dig blocks and grow bigger. Not only that, there are several quests in that you are required to complete in a short time, for example, build a base, improve skills, and more.

In game, you can select a class you love to start. Try to survive and increase your points as well as unlock locations with skins! Once you own good weapons and tiles, you can set up plenty of structures like chests, respawn, doors, and so on. Come to you are advised to master how to open up combinations and defend the castle from your foes. Are you willing to join the match and conquer the leaderboard? Have fun!

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