How to play: Use WASD for the movement, use the left mouse to assault enemies or shoot, press keys 1-3 to change a weapon and key F to collect an item.

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About HelmetRoyale.io


HelmetRoyale.io unblocked is such an enjoyable multiplayer io game when it features not only great classic 2D graphics but also amazing battle royale gameplay. It promises to keep you entertained for hours. You turn yourself into a fighter armed with a protective helmet. Just prepare everything in advance then step into the fight where you meet a lot of players from across the world. You have to make your way through the map gathering a lot of various chests and when you encounter enemies, quickly annihilate them using your weapons. If you’re slow, they will kill you for sure. So, you must act fast and carefully all the time. In addition to this, you should go search for more slot machines that bring you a random item. With many items earned, you can easily vanquish all the dangers around you. The main goal of HelmetRoyale.io free online is to become the top player.

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