How to play: Use LMB to reveal a hexagon, RMB to mark a mine with a flag.

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About HexSweep.io

HexSweep.io is a real-time strategy game where other opponents are allowed to eat your hexagons. You will step into a crazy multiplayer challenge and take the role of a minesweeper. Your mission is to take over the whole map as soon as possible. Remember that it is not simple to add every wasteland to your territory! Additionally, you are about to compete against a lot of enemies from around the world at once time. After you enter the dangerous playfield, you can click to identify a hexagonal space that you are certain. If you are successful, you can expand your area. In case you realize a tile as a mine, you should quickly mark it with a flag and it will become safe. If you cannot find the right way, it will explode and make you fail. Try to act fast, survive, and defend until you conquer the top spot! Good luck!

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