High IQ Battle Royale

How to play: Move your character using arrow keys/WASD. Change to the pickaxe using key Q, collect items using key E, drop items using key G, choose items using numbers, use items using the left mouse, use the scope on items or build with pickaxe equipped using the right mouse. For help and controls, press key H. 

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About High IQ Battle Royale

High IQ Battle Royale

Are you seeking a new IO game to master? If yes, make sure you will not skip one called High IQ Battle Royale which is a fantastic Upgrades IO game that is free for all to master. The game is a deathmatch-like game in which you have to find items to battle against other worldwide players for a chance of being the last player standing. You start with nothing but just a simple pickaxe which is not strong enough to deal damage to others. You can use it for smashing crates only, then quickly collect items from those crates. After that, you will make the most out of them to slay your opponents, heal yourself, or add more uses in the items. You can even defend yourself by building some wooden walls using the wood that you get from damaged trees. During the course of the fight, be sure to elude a storm shrinking every 1 minute and extending for 30 seconds. You have to get through it, fight and be the last one that is alive. Good luck to you!

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