How to play: Your character can be controlled by using WASD. Use the mouse to scroll the camera, choose opponents, allies then assault them. You can pick skills with keys 1-4.

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About Hordes.io


Play a Multiplayer team-based game called Hordes.io and jump into the world of monsters now! You will become a part of a tribe whose mission is to go fight against lots of monsters and other wicked opponents around the arena. Equip your hero with strong weapons, make a good use of your excellent skills as well as strategies so you can defeat all enemies and become the winner. Always remember that you have to gain a lot of gold through the killings, then, try to spend them carefully on new upgrades or useful items that can increase your strength. Sometimes, you also need to have some excellent teamwork in order to take out the rivals. Teaming up with each other will lead your tribe to the final glory. Always keep an eye on the surroundings, stay focused on the battle and attempt to become the ultimate winner. Are you up for this adventure? Join this iO game now!

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