How to play: Use arrow keys or keys WASD for the movement, press key E for super power, key T for team chat or use key Enter for chatting.

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About Jukegame.io


Jukegame.io is a cool Multiplayer game online with capture-the-flag style. There are two game modes in this IO game, including deathmatch and classic. Each of them has their own objective which must be obtained! In the deathmatch, you need to become the best flag carrier within 10 seconds in order to gain a lot of points. Stay focused on the game, especially when the flag begins in the center of the map. You must be the initial Juker taking over the flag, and that’s when you are an official carrier. Dying will make the flag get back to the center. If you let opponent Jukers kill you, you won’t be a carrier anymore. In Classic mode, you must work with your teammates and try to protect your own flag from others. Be sure to get rid of others when they seize your flag or assault you with their power-ups. Your goal in this mode is to gain 3 points first so your team can be the winner of the round. Have fun!

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