How to play: Use the left mouse button to attack, Space to dash.

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About Junglz.io


Junglz.io is a good Free For All game where you will control a special character and you have to destroy everything that you encounter along the way. You are recommended to time your hits so you can kill the enemy with your weapon before they do the same for you. You are allowed to roam around the playfield and collect tons of food pieces which are scattered across the map. You can pick them up and consume. The energy that you receive will help your tool grow longer and bigger in an instant. While you are eating, you must keep an eye on every rival in the surroundings or they can dash and eliminate you in a wink. Keep calm and escape from stronger players for survival! The plants on the path will lower your movement speed. Be careful! Let’s get ready to take part in the combat and show up the own abilities right now!

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