How to play: Move your car around with your mouse. Click left mouse button to utilize items, click right mouse button to make a speed boost.

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Engage in a fierce arena where cars are trying to destroy each other! Say hi to Kartwars.io game now and take this chance to experience new awesome challenges. There are so many other opponents that you confront in the same area. You have to direct your small car around the map carefully, kill all rivals when you catch sight of them and be sure to survive as long as possible. Make sure you collect numerous orbs, power-ups, as well as stronger weapons spreading over the map, including a lightening cloak, a massive time bomb, a missile launcher and much more. They will boost your strength, making you more powerful to kill tough enemies. Leave your car well protected all the time, do not let other opponents attack you, perform your strategies cleverly so you can get an edge over them. Only the best player can climb the top of the leaderboard. Will you be that one? Enjoy this iO game now!

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