How to play: Press WASD to move, left click or Space to shoot, 1-5 to switch weapons.

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About is one of the best io games currently. Have fun with a combat set in an island along with tons of enemies for free! Choose any faction that you love before you enter. Join the challenge, destroy all opponents and become the top player! There are two parties including Human and Vampire. Additionally, each race will have their own weapons and tips that you should master because they will help you get an edge over the foe, for example, bananas, shurikens, bats, and so on. In, remember to grab orbs, earn experience and level up as well as increase points to improve stats and skills which are arranged from the damage to the projectile movement. In case you are in danger, control available objects in the environment to cover from incoming hits. Also, stay together with your team. Let’s play with friends and find the proper strategy right now!



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