How to play: Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement, press key Q to build, key M to open the map, key R to reload, spacebar to jump, key Shift to run, keys 1-6 to change weapons, and the left mouse button to fire. 

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KRUNT.IO is a survival game taken in a dangerous world filled with tough opponents. You need to get your skills ready for this battle and try to kill all foes getting in your pathway. Since you are unarmed, you should collect equipment and other weapons from the ground, then make the most out of them to dish out the largest amount of damage possible to your opponents. In case you find a vehicle, get into it quickly so you can better your movement speed. The vehicle can even help you get away from enemies or chase your targets too. Just be careful when you fight, elude the attacks from others, and use the cover to protect yourself from harm. The in-game map is extremely huge, and there are plenty of areas to discover. Go explore all of them, survive for as long as possible then you will end up as the final victor in Good luck!

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