How to play: Use arrow keys or WASD to turn your snake. Press the spacebar to speed up.

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About lets you control a cunning laser snake around the map to hunt a lot of opponent snakes. Like other classic Slither Style IO games, in this title, you have to build your size by consuming a lot of foods dispersed around the map. You will become the longer snake gradually as you eat the foods. Once you have grown up, you can start destroying other rival snakes by trapping them, making them hit the border or themselves or even your body. If they touch you, they will meet their doom instantly, then you can collect their dead drops to strengthen yourself even more. Another great thing about getting bigger is that your field of view will be grown, which means you are totally able to see more people and food. Don’t forget to give your laser snake a speed boost so it can catch the enemies or dash away from the tough ones easily. The game is a modernized edition of the classic game called Snake. Hopefully, you will find it funny and addictive! Good luck!

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