How to play: Use the mouse to move your character, and click left mouse button to make it go faster, leaving a deadly trail behind.

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Experience new awesome challenges in a super addicting iO game called! Following the nice concept of, this new Multiplayer game will also let you play as a tiny creature that is able to move through a large-scale arena filled with food orbs and many enemies. You will have to collect all the orbs in order to develop your size while making an effort to kill other opponent creatures. In the world of Limaxio, even the small players are able to kill the big ones if they have a nice tactical play. You have a trail, and you must use it to kill the foes. The trail can only be created if you make a speed boost once gaining a large amount of mass. Try to lure the enemies to run into it, kill them faster and go snatch up all their dropped foods to gain more mass faster. The more mass you have, the higher chance for you to reach the top spot on the leaderboard. But make sure that you won’t crash into the trails of other opponents, which are deadly traps to you. Good luck!

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