How to play: Use WASD or arrows to move, the mouse to aim, left click to fire. Hold LMB to charge projectiles, hold it longer after the charged projectile reaching the max size and release to put down crafted sand cube.

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About is an online multiplayer io game where you will join a cool fight set in a beautiful sunny beach. Play against other enemies and become the most powerful player! Embark on the new combat and hit the opponent by using special weapons. Collect sand and create balls before throwing them at the target. Aside from that, you can launch lethal projectiles if necessary. Each time you level up, you can get several upgrades as well as climb up to the higher score resulting in taking over the leaderboard and unlock many achievements later. Before you attack, you should aim in front of rivals to lead your fire to the place you want. Moreover, charged missiles will do more damage although you will be vulnerable while you are growing it. It can slow your movement speed down, too. Finally, crafting is considered as the most remarkable ability which makes shields or helps you set up structures. Do not ignore power-ups! Have fun!

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