How to play: Move around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Click left mouse to attack. Use the right mouse or key X for shooting secondary weapon.

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Men and monsters are ready for an epic fight! In, you need to pick your favorite side then jump into the battle. This is such an exclusive web browser IO game featuring amazing graphics and gameplay. Once you pick your favorite team as well as enter a pixelated world, the battle will commence. You need to work with your fellow teammates to defeat the rival team. If you being to the monster team, your objective is to kill all the humans standing in your way as you try to deal damage to the city. But if you are on the human tram, make sure that you finish off all the monsters while attempting to defend the city from being demolished. When you pick up kills, your points will be increased, allowing you to improve some stats, like health, speed and attack power. You must fight with good strategies then lead your team to the final glory.

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