Master Baiter

How to play: Use WASD to move around, LMB to throw the fishing rod, G to drop the fish, B to purchase items

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About Master Baiter

Master Baiter

Explore the fun Master Baiter ocean-themed iO game for free if you are looking for a place to relax! It is a multiplayer competition where you should become the top player by getting the best cast.

At the start of Master Baiter online, you will be sent to a distant beach. It’s easy to move around as in You can choose wherever you want to begin your job. Aim at the other point and click to cast the fishing rod. Remember to tap the mouse button again to recall that tool and check how big the fish is. Aside from normal creatures, you can capture bigger crabs and more. In some cases, you can find nothing. For the first minutes, you will see a raft. It is set to depart. Master Baiter is a good playfield unblocked to hone several skills. You are recommended to be patient during the challenge. Try to collect, fulfill the goal, and you will have the chance to unlock a lot of upgrades!

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