How to play: Control your jellyfish with mouse only. You can make it go faster by clicking LMB.

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You will be taken into a vast underwater world full of jellyfish in a super cool iO game online called Get ready for a new adventure with so many challenges and dangers in this Multiplayer game. You take on a role of a jellyfish moving around the arena to consume a lot of foods for increasing your mass. The more you eat, the larger your jellyfish will become. This gameplay mechanic sounds like another game, however, it has its own characteristic that is attractive enough to keep you addicted. You have to watch out some dangers around you, like the tails of Medusas, the borders of the arena, or even larger jellyfish controlled by real players. Crashing into one of them will cause your game to be over. So be careful with that! When you get larger, just go kill your opponents to take their mass and develop yours faster. You kill them by making your tails touch their body, which is kind of the same style in Your goal is to become the most powerful jellyfish of the entire arena.

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