How to play: Use the left mouse to reveal a square, click the right mouse and hold it to place a flag.

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About Minesweeper.io


Minesweeper.io – an epic and classic strategy game – is totally free to play in a browser. If you used to be a fan of classic Minesweeper on Windows PC, you should check this title out as it’s finally brought to the web. Many online players will play on a similar board. They must race against each other to see who will wipe out the most mines at the same time. You need to carefully reveal every single square on the board. Make sure that you place a flag on a square that has a hidden mine. If you reveal one with a bomb without getting flagged, the bomb will be triggered, causing you to lose points. Try not to cause any mistakes during the course of the game so you can increase your scores, which will take you to the highest rank on the leaderboard. Don’t forget to complete an achievement for earning gold and you will have a lot of flags. Are you ready for Minesweeper.io? Play it now!

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