How to play: Use LMB or Space to shoot, RMB to run, the mouse wheel or Q to switch weapons, W to run.

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About is a great 2d shooter game made by Clown Games. It is based on the fun Battle Royale genre. Explore the new mission along with cartoon characters your way and attempt to become the last standing man! To achieve the goal and win, you need to defeat all of the opponents. You will begin with nothing. In other words, you are not armed. Thus, you’d better roam around the battleground to search for weapons and other power-ups. Pick up these items and gear up yourself. Try to use them to attack the foe and defend your life wisely! In, there are hundreds of guns and you can switch them whenever you want. Each victim will help you obtain additional bonuses which regenerate your health or boost your movement speed. Keep in mind that the playable area will shrink in size over time! Do not enter the toxic zone! Good luck!

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