How to play: Use the mouse to take control of your creature in the game.

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About is an iO-styled survival adventure game where you play as a little mouse attempting to eat a lot of foods and stay alive as long as possible. Around the map are lots of tasty berries that you must consume in order to increase your size and mass. The more you eat, the larger you will become, which helps you develop your food chain. Eating more berries also increase your XP, and when this bar is full, you can evolve into other creatures that are much stronger. But, this quest never seems so easy since there are lots of dangers around you. Keep an eye on the red border that indicates the deadly players, but you can totally move through or get closer to the light green border since it only signifies the friendly objects or players. Don’t forget to eat the blue blobs in order to stay hydrated. Your main goal is to survive as long as possible to take the lead on the leaderboard.

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