How to play: Use the mouse to control your Narwhale, and use LMB to stab the opponents with your deadly horns.

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About takes you to a large-scale ocean where there so many narwhales trying to battle against you. Let’s enjoy this Multiplayer game now and try your hardest to become the best narwhale of all. You will have to swim around the map attempting to stab other opponent narwhales into half by using your deadly horn. Keep in mind that other enemies will do the same to you with their horns, so you must avoid being stabbed yourself, or else the game will come to an end. Besides killing, upgrading your stats is another thing that you have to carry out. Try to develop your movement speed, quicker turning, stamina, or even a powerful horn. With the stat buffs, you will be able to destroy the opponents more efficiently, and you will become much more invincible. The longer you survive, the higher chance for you to work the way up the leaderboard and take the dominance. Good luck!

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