How to play: Use the mouse to move, Space or LMB to dash.

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About is a super fun-addicting Free For All racing game. Take part in an exciting competition along with multiple rivals throughout the world to play for the championship and the top spot on the leaderboard. Drive a car and move your way. More importantly, you need to use that vehicle with the proper strategy to destroy as many enemies as possible. The results will help you rank up and dominate the whole map quickly. And, the deadly weapon that you can control during the challenge is the bumper. It is a special item. Actually, that object can grow longer and bigger each time you collect colored bolts scattered across the arena. They will provide more mass and make your equipment enlarge significantly. However, you also must defend your means always. You can explode and die when you cannot avoid bumps from other people. You can dash to run away if you want. Good luck!

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