How to play: Use the mouse to shoot from your orbs. Press key X to use a superbomb, and press key C for using a shield.

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About Orbs.it

Get ready for an amazing adventure in a new 2D Shooter Space IO game called Orbs.it! In the game, you will have to orbit around the Sun in order to gain the dominance of 24 orbs as you try to stop your opponents from taking the control. They are doing the same mission, so if you have no plans or strategies to fight them off, you won’t be able to succeed. To control the orbs, you need to select your orbs, then, start to shoot from your orb. If you hit another one, you will be able to direct it. Keep in mind that if you run out of orbs, you will be kicked out of the arena and your game will come to an end. Attempt to gather your orbs together and ever let them disperse around the galaxy. Other opponents will take chances to steal your orbs. Make a good use of power-ups like a shield or a superbomb to get an edge over the enemies. Are you up for this? Give it a try now!

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