How to play: Use the left mouse button or keys WASD to direct your ball. Tap spacebar or click LMB for dividing, and move your mouse for rotating the view.

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About Orn.io


Orn.io is one of the latest iO games taking you to an arena filled with rolling balls and deadly spikes. You and other players will direct the balls to fight against each other. The game has an identical gameplay to Agar.io, however, you will feel completely different once joining, especially the 3D graphics and background. Your rolling ball must eat up other smaller balls that are spreading over the map, and also, you need to roll over the small players in order to swallow them. If you get rolled over by a bigger ball, you will die instantly and have to respawn the game. The more balls you consume, the bigger your ball will become. Besides your opponents, you need to stay watchful for the deadly spikes! Don not roll over them or get closer to them. They will totally smash you into smaller pieces and your points will be gone. Try your hardest to survive longer and get to the top rank on the leaderboard.

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