How to play: Control your paper around the arena to capture more space by using arrow keys.

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Paper.iocan be considered as a new edition of with different features, backgrounds, and graphics. Jump into this wonderful iO game now and see how long you can survive. implements an identical concept of not only, but also,, and so on. However this time, you will take control of a colored paper, and your main task is to grow your territory by wandering around the arena to capture more space. Then, try to return to your current base to expand your realm. Your tail is always a weak spot in the game, which forces you to protect it all the time. If you hit your tail, or you let an enemy touch it, your game will be over instantly. You mustn’t run into the borders of the arena either if you want to survive longer. Always stay watchful for the surroundings and attempt to get to the top of the leaderboard.

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