How to play: Control your ship by using the right mouse button, and shoot at enemies with left mouse button. Press spacebar for a boost. Hit keys 1234 to use upgrades for your ship.

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About PirateBattle.io


You take on a role of a hostile pirate seeking the glory and supremacy in PirateBattle.io – an amazing iO game online! There will be lots of opponent pirate ships controlled by real players, and you’re going to face off against them. As a pirate, you must be an owner of the ocean while wandering around it with your ship. You can customize it with various sail colors in order to make it exclusive as well as outstanding. When you run into an enemy ship, you must deal damage to him as fast as possible. Normally, you will need to launch 4 hits to destroy and sink a tiny ship while you have to spend 10 hits and a lot of armors to demolish a big ship. All the defeated ships will leave a lot of coins behind, and you need to collect as many coins as possible. Gaining a bunch of coins will help you retrieve your lost energy, or you can spend them on various upgrades, such as speed, health, ammo, and damage. Try your best to survive longer and become the best pirate of all!

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