How to play: Use the mouse to interact, the mouse wheel to zoom.

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About Pixelz.io

Play free online the great Pixelz.io game in Free For All mode and draw together with multiple players around the world. It’s possible to create every art that you expect! There are many different colors available for you to choose after you appear on the playing field. There has no leaderboard. You can only see the number of present participants. Remember that you are allowed to add one pixel at once! Aside from that, there is a time limit between each tile. That helps you create comfortably when you are still in Pixelz.io. Instead of joining alone, you can share and work with other people. They will give you a hand to finish your job faster. To observe everything occurring in the area, you can zoom in or out. In case you do not want to work in earnest, you can knock about others by capturing their blocks. Let’s start now! Much fun!

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