How to play: Use the mouse to move, right click to dash, Q to reduce the cooldown, W to get extra life, E to upgrade the dash distance, R to reset cooldown when killing somebody. Press P to activate the Phantom Mode.

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About is a new 3D Rock Paper Scissors io game with a lot of upgrades. Play free online against all of the characters on the map. Beat them and take over the ranking as soon as possible. It is also considered as a chase and escape variant. To achieve the goal, you should collect the highest score. If you have experienced the rule of the original, you can master controls easier. Move around the playfield and learn how to dash. It is an ability that you will activate it when you want to accelerate. Aside from that, it has a cooldown that can set again if you level up or after you obtain a corresponding item. The orb lights are called points while the circled letters are power-ups. The Phantom Mode allows you to make intangible and harmless. It is effective to deal with the chaser. Let’s enjoy and discover much more secrets right now!


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