How to play: Move your cell using the mouse. Press key W to throw out partial mass, spacebar or key 1 to divide your cell. Use key D or key number 2 to split twice, key A or key number 3 to split three times. Use key Shift for doing trick split, key Z for doing line split, and the mouse wheel scroll to zoom in/out.

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About Popsplit.us


In Popsplit.us – another game inspired by Agar.io, you play as a little cell navigating its way through a huge arena in order to eat various smaller cells on the map to build your size. You should focus on eating anything smaller in size to power up yourself and when you are big enough, you can get ready for some hunting. During the food quest, try your hardest to stay away from the bigger cells that can absorb you. If you let them, it will be a game over for you instantly, which means you will restart the game from scratch. Therefore, it is very important for defense in Popslit.us as no one wants to get absorbed. After reaching a good size, you can divide your main cell into smaller ones to cover more map area which is added ability. Do whatever to survive until you can climb the top rank on the leaderboard where you can dominate the whole arena!

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