How to play: Take control of your boat by using your mouse. You throw the hook at your opponents by using the left mouse button, and when you want to speed it up, just freely click the right mouse button.

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About is a new browser-based iO game that lets you take control of a boat in a bubble and go fight against other opponents. Just like other Multiplayer games, this one will also implement the familiar mechanics, but it has different features. You will have to eat up a lot of spawning food orbs around the arena in order to develop the size of your bubble, and when you confront with an enemy, you must quickly throw your hook at him/her as this is the only way that helps you get rid of them. When you kill your opponents, they will drop a lot of mass, and you are supposed to eat them up for your faster growth. Never stop gaining your size and mass since this will get you stronger gradually, and also, you’re able to make a speed boost when trying to chase your targets or making an escape. In addition to this, you have to stay away from the giant four red masses, if your boat runs into one of them, you will die for sure. The player that has gained the highest score will lead the match. Let’s kick it off now!

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