How to play: Use WASD or arrow keys to move, LMB to attack or act, F to collect items, number keys to activate items, the mouse wheel to zoom.

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Discover a new chaotic ocean in the awesome Raaaaft.io game and fight against all of the players existing on the same map to become the top winner! Do not forget that you must stay afloat if you want to dominate the leaderboard! Take control of a raft and travel around the world which is flooded with water in order to look for the prey. It is the main vehicle that you can use to move to wherever you target. Aside from that, it is also the useful means of transportation that delivers you to a safer place so you can flee from stronger opponents and hostile sharks. Indeed, you need to learn how to steer it for survival. Besides, you can wander around the playing field to collect resources and food. Try to keep an eye on nutrition and hydration! You are able to team up with some allies to improve the winning chance. Much fun!

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