How to play: Use WASD for the movement, click the left mouse button to shoot, use key E to collect an item or interact with objects, use key R to reload, the right mouse to drop items, key Esc to open the menu and key M to open the map.

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Battle Royale game genre seems to never end! Let’s continue playing one called and give yourself a new chance to test your surviving abilities. In this 2D Shooter Upgrades game, you will get to ride many dinosaurs to go fight against other players. All of these creatures are from the prehistoric era. You will get one for yourself first, then ride it towards many locations to gather a lot of weapons. Make sure you collect weapons, equipment, and other supplies then use them to deal damage to the rivals. Through over time, you can even find more dinosaurs, giving you more options to ride. Do you think you can find the toughest dinosaur called T-Rex? Try to find him! Also, don’t forget to break many objects for finding new loot. Just make sure you arm yourself with interesting stuff then partake in tougher battles with stronger dinosaurs. Are you up for this adventure in Hope you have fun! Good luck!

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