How to play: Use the mouse to move, left click to boost.

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About is an addicting fun MMO game like Agario or Slither style. Seize the opportunity to engage a massive combat along with a huge number of enemies from around the real world and prove that you are the most powerful Rusher. You will start the challenge with a spear. It is the main weapon that you will use to attack as well as defend yourself during the fighting time. Wander around the arena and choose the proper moment to impale somebody in reach. For those who have the bigger tool than yours, you must act carefully. Try to keep a stock of speed boost to run away or counterattack guys rushing you! With the energy that he leaves, you should gather passively generating food hexagons to grow the item that you are controlling. It will get longer significantly. Once it enlarges, it will help you prolong reign. Let’s get ready to learn how to be the master now!

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