Shell Shockers

How to play: Use WASD to move, left click to fire, E to change weapons. Press ? to view the list of keyboard commands.

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About Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is a brand new 3d shooter game which is free for all of the people around the world to play against each other. Enter the first-person map of Eggers and get ready to crack everybody in the short time. Try to kill as many enemies as possible to climb up to the higher spot and dominate the leaderboard! Start by choosing the class that you like most. Next, discover the battlefield and terminate the opponent your way with the eggstreme prejudice. In Shell Shockers, you are able to equip yourself with many lethal weapons such as the Scramble Shotgun and EggK47 once you win. Move around and you should use objects in the surroundings to cover if you are in danger. Do not forget to return and overwhelm them! Also, show up your shooting ability and blast everything. To save and keep track your stats, you can log in with the Facebook account. Have fun!


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