How to play: Move your egg killer using WASD or IJKL. Click the left mouse to shoot, change the weapons using key E or U. Reload your guns using key R or Y, and use the spacebar to jump.

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About is an exclusive and challenging shooting IO game online in which you wield a lot of weapons to go defeat all enemies before they have a chance to finish you. As a cunning egg killer, you shouldn’t spare any lives in this IO game. Nobody is a friend here, so you have to slay all of them brutally. You need to deal damage to the eggs, crack all of them open using the weapons as you attempt to elude getting yourself cracked. It’s nice to keep shooting others down, but a problem is that your ammo can run out through over time. If it runs out, you have to gather supplies from the ground or from the dead foes. Also, in case your health is running low, quickly get to a certain corner of the map to regenerate it. Like other shooting IO games, in, you aim to become the best and the most dangerous egg killer in the entire lobby.

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