How to play: Use the mouse to navigate your character, and click LMB to dash towards the enemies to attack them.

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About brings so many challenges and amazing battles to all players from across the world. Let’s give this free-for-all iO game online a try then check out how long you can survive. In the arena of, you will direct a triangle-formed character around the map to kill all tough enemies in a merciless way. With all powerful abilities and nice stats, like movement speed, over time, maximum health, etc., they will help you in dealing with the enemies more easily. Attempt to go around carefully, click and dash towards the foes as fast as possible, and be sure to avoid them when you see that are about to run into you. There are plenty of yellow orbs spreading over the arena. You need to collect them as much as you can to increase your score on the leaderboard. Your overall objective is to become the king of the entire arena and take the lead.

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