How to play: Move your character using arrow keys or WASD. Use the left mouse for using chosen items, key E to collect an item on the floor and key G to drop items.

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About Slender.Io


Slender.Io is a team game taking inspiration from Slenderman – the famous game series on the Internet. If you used to play Slenderman game, why don’t you try this new one for more experiences? Slender.Io is playable in a browser for free. It connects all players from across the world and drops them into the same arena where they must fight for their victory. You will go through many rounds, and at the beginning of each round, one player is chosen as Slenderman while the rest ones play as humans whose mission is to gather all 8 pages before running out of time. If you are a slenderman, you can cover yourself in bushes to ambush humans, slay them all before they achieve 8 pages. But in case you are one of the humans, you should team up with other players to find the pages much faster. Go to the shop to purchase some items that can help you in fighting against slenderman. Will the victory go to humans or slenderman? Play it now!

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