Slither Birds

How to play: Use the mouse for moving and click the left mouse to speed up.

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About Slither Birds

Slither Birds

Slither Birds combines two famous games called and Angry Birds. In this wonderful Snake IO game online, you take control of a snake bird around the map to collect many multicolored eggs dispersed on the floor for growing your snake’s size. Once you have become a bigger snake, you should utilize your body to encircle the enemy snakes, cross their path, bypass them using a speed boost and force them to run into you. However, you shouldn’t use the speed boost too much because your size will be reduced whenever you use it. Try to defend your body from the enemy attacks as well! Do not run into their body, or even the map border, or else the game will be over instantly. You should never stop growing your size until you become the largest and the most dangerous snake bird in the entire arena! Join the game now!

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