How to play: Use the mouse to direct your snake, and click left mouse button to accelerate it.

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About is a popular Multiplayer Strategy game online where you play as a cunning snake trying to become the king of the entire arena. You will make your way through a lot of dangers as you collect a bunch of food orbs to increase your size. The more orbs you eat, the longer your tail will become. In this iO game, there is no rule about big snakes killing small snakes. Everybody can kill each other if they follow some tips and tactics. To kill an enemy while you’re still small, you should lure and force him to run into your body. Or, if you are a big snake that tries to kill a tiny snake, you should use your long tail to encircle him, making him crash into you. When you see a dead enemy with lots of fragments in front of you, just carefully go grab them all to boost your size faster. Your main goal is to become the largest snake of all. Wish you luck!

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