How to play: Use the mouse to play SMISMI.ONLINE

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SMISMI.ONLINE is a fantastic RPG. Play your selected game with multiple enemies from around the world for free and take over the leaderboard by being the largest slime! It’s necessary to build up the strongest army if you want to rule the map and become the top player! So, the first stage is really important for the newbie. Actually, you are recommended to eat everything in the city. What you collect within SMISMI.ONLINE and consume is very useful to boost up the number of your troop. Not only that, you are forced to race against opponents nearby while demolishing the town in SMISMI.ONLINE. When you defeat various colored rivals and progress or occupy a spot on the ranking, you can change your character into your own. Indeed, you are joining a great match with strong enemies. Try to manage your mass and gain the highest point! Good luck!

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