How to play: Move your snake using the mouse, click the left mouse to speed up.

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Master another Slither Style IO game called, featuring awesome fast-paced gameplay with real snakes. Before you spawn on the map, you will choose your favorite snake, then move it around the arena eating as many foods as possible to grow your size. By eating foods, you can earn more points as well. Confronting with enemy snakes is an unavoidable thing. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for this clash and try your hardest to wipe them out. You can speed up to block their movement, or use your big body to encircle them and have them crash into you, killing them instantly. Make sure you will not crash into other snakes, also, do not leave the island as you can’t swim and will end up dying. Also, you shouldn’t speed up too much because your points will be decreased, forcing you to eat up more foods to increase points again. The goal of is to become the longest and the strongest snake!

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