How to play: Use the left mouse for the movement, making a snowball and shooting it.

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Engage in an epic snow fight brought to you by – an exciting Agario Style Power-ups IO game that can be played online for free in a browser. Give it a shot to meet new opponents now! In the game, you make your way through a big map covered by snow, and try to gather a lot of snow into a ball then quickly launch it at the enemies to finish them off. You should aim carefully before launching the ball! At the same time, make sure you elude getting hit by the snowballs, or else you will end up getting destroyed. In addition, when you move around on a series of platforms, you should defend yourself from getting knocked off of the platform, or else you will die as well, causing the game to be over. Just remember to avoid the enemy attacks as well as try to stay away from the edge. The main goal you must obtain is to become the snowball champion.

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