Soldiers VS Zombies

How to play: Strike WASD keys to move, Right mouse to use items, E to pick up objects from the floor, G to drop, O to open the shop

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About Soldiers VS Zombies

Soldiers VS Zombies

Soldiers VS Zombies is a strategy game that you will have to conquer by staying alive at the end of the challenge. Each round will only prolong for a few minutes. However, it is necessary to defend yourself always until you win. You will start off with a trooper and you can achieve the goal by preventing the undead from biting or grabbing you with their teeth and hands. After you spawn in Soldiers VS Zombies, you’d better run away from the infected character. Otherwise, he will catch and make you lose instantly. Instead of playing alone, you do not forget to search for some allies and go with them. Further, working together with those persons will be helpful to survive longer. Aside from fleeing, you can stop to pick up items on the floor. They are resources to build barricades or something like a fort to block the entrance or doors. Good luck!

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