How to play: Use spacebar and mouse to thrust. Fire at enemies with key W, and use a power up with key Q.

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About Spheroids


Spheroids is an amazing Multiplayer Asteroids game online opening a new space combat for you. Different from other iO-styled shooter game, this time, you become a sphere wandering around the galaxy without gravity. The only way for keeping safe while moving is to utilize your thrust to reduce the speed. Try to shoot down all other opponent spheres directed by real players, and be sure to destroy a lot of moons spreading over the arena. The more moons you demolish, the more orange essence you can earn, and then you will be able to increase your power. There are some black holes around space that you must stay away from. Crashing into them will end your life immediately, and don’t take a risk to get closer to any enemies either. Make sure you activate some power-ups to boost your strength, survive as long as possible so you can climb the top of the leaderboard. Have fun!

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