How to play: Move your character around to capture more blocks by using keys WASD or arrow keys.

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Use your skills and strategies to expand your territory in Splix.io game now! This is an addictive free for all Multiplayer game attracting lots of online players. When you first spawn into the game, you will begin moving around the map with your tail, and attempt to capture as many blocks as possible. Then carefully return to your current realm to connect the captured blocks for the expansion. The more you take over, the larger your base will be. The game will be boring if there is no challenge. You will face off against lots of other opponents that are doing the same mission. Do not let them touch your tail, and you mustn’t crash into your tail yourself either. Or else you will die instantly and have to respawn. But, you can totally run into other tails of enemies to take them out and claim more spaces. Keep increasing your mass, expand your realm and become the best player of all.

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